About Us

We currently employ a diverse animal team on the farm. We have a flock of over 20 chickens with 7 heritage breeds, and many colorful hybrids. Our rooster, Copper, protects his ladies with his life, and has never attacked a human. They produce a bounty of 6-8 unique colors of eggs, and their manure is a rich source of nutrients that gets added to the compost for farm fertility. We also have two dogs, Butters (Lemon Beagle) and Rosy (Golden Retriever), that create lots of mischief on the farm. They help maintain a rabbit and deer free garden.



     Tess Cooper grew up in Fairport and from an early age had a love of nature and all things living. She loved cooking and spent eight years working in a restaurant kitchen. While studying for her undergraduate degree in Theatre Studies and Math she spent three years living in Toronto, Canada and enjoying different foods from around the world. Tess then traveled home to become an associate teacher and pursue a master’s degree in teaching inclusive education.  She is now excited to be a part of Macedon Center Farm and get the opportunity to combine her passions and experiences by growing and creating food for her family, friends, and community.

    Daniel Eggert grew up in Webster and always loved the outdoors as a kid. After graduating from SUNY Oswego in 2013 with a degree in Business Management, he job hopped around until he received a seasonal job at Harris Seeds that sparked a passion. He fell in love with agriculture and decided to travel and volunteer on farms to learn how to produce food organically through W.W.O.O.F., or Willing Workers On Organic Farms. As a WWOOF’er, Daniel gained valuable experience on commercial farms in Australia. After arriving home, he was offered a job as the Organic Seed Manager at Harris Seeds. Daniel recently left Harris Seeds and now works for High Mowing Organic Seeds as a Commercial Grower Representative. Daniel is also a NYS Soil Health Trainer through American Farmland Trust and has cultivated many relationships with innovative farmers around the country. Besides growing food, Daniel is interested in organic plant breeding and seed saving.

Macedon Center Farm-


     Macedon Center Farm was started over a love of gardening, a need to produce nutrient dense food for the community, and a slight hatred for mowing the lawn. With over a ¼ acre in production, we may be small, but there is a lot going on. The farm practices organic and permaculture-based methods. These practices include releasing and promoting beneficial insects, companion planting, composting and closed loop fertility system, minimal tillage, and cultivating a healthy soil biome. We farm with the expectation that it’s a marathon, and not a sprint with short sighted solutions. We also believe in the Rodale Institute slogan- “Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy People.”