Macedon Grange Farm Market

1208 Macedon Center Rd

Corner of 31F and Canandaigua Rd

Hours of Operation

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday – Open 3-7 PM

Friday – Open 3-7 PM

Saturday – Open 9-1 PM

Sunday – Open 9-1 PM


Our hours have recently changed and we will no longer be open on Wednesdays. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Fresh, Local, Sustainable Beginnings

​Macedon Center Farm was started over a love of gardening, a need to produce nutrient dense food for the community, and a slight hatred for mowing the lawn. With over a ¼ acre in production, we may be small, but there is a lot going on. The farm practices organic and permaculture-based methods. These practices include releasing and promoting beneficial insects, companion planting, composting and closed loop fertility system, minimal tillage, and cultivating a healthy soil biome. We farm with the expectation that it’s a marathon, and not a sprint with short sighted solutions. We also believe in the Rodale Institute slogan- “Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy People.” Macedon Center Farm sells produce and other food products through the Macedon Grange Farm Market.


When temperatures are above 90 degrees or it is raining the farm market will not be open in order to keep our produce fresh. In these conditions we will still fulfill pre-orders, please visit the available now page for more information.

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